Why Waiting For the “Right Time” is Ruining Your Life

How Waiting Until You Have “Enough” Money to Chase Your Dreams is a Bad Idea

Envision yourself as an old-timer, sitting on your porch in a rocking chair looking back at your life. “I wish I had gone after all the crazy ideas I had back then.” Terrible, right? If there’s anything you need in your old age, it’s knowing that you did everything you could to live your dreams while you still had the chance.

Unfortunately, there’s always a list of excuses for not chasing your dreams at this very moment. In reality, most people live by the deferred life plan—they do what they “have to” first (usually earning money) and then do what they want. But this only leads people to try and get rich quick—which never works—and then attempting to live the life they envision.

Well, the bitter truth is that most people will never get rich. Instead, they will live their lives chasing paychecks while their dreams wither away on the sidelines. And they will use excuses like lack of time, money, or education as to why they are stuck. This type of rationalization leads people to actually JUSTIFY why they are not chasing their dream life. INSANITY.

So consider that super old version of you again and remember that you’re not going to regret what you did, but what you didn’t do. Recognize that the right time to do something is now. Because now is the only time you have. The past can’t be changed and the future isn’t guaranteed, so start taking actions immediately to change your path or be destined for mediocrity.

Once you’ve found the courage to commit, you’ll realize how capable you really are and will never look back.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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The Venice Beach Rat