This Simple Trick Makes Building New Habits Feel Like Sex

How the Anticipation of Reward Makes Changing Your Behavior Feel F*cking Amazing

Back in the day—1954 to be exact—some neuroscientists ran an experiment to test the neurology of desire. Using electrodes, they were able to block the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in rats. And guess what happened? The rats had no longer had the desire to eat, drink, or reproduce. They basically did nothing at all and just a few days later, they all died from dehydration. WOW.

So what exactly is dopamine and why is it so important to understand? Dopamine is a hormone that makes us feel good and is released when we do pleasurable things such as eating or having sex. But we also get hits of dopamine when we simply anticipate these pleasurable activities. It’s how our brains drive us to continue doing things.

So with this knowledge of how our brains work, we can use it our advantage when trying to form new habits. If we can make the habit something we look forward to—something that gets us “high”—then we will become highly likely to follow through and actually do it.

A technique to make your desired behavior more appealing is called “temptation bundling.” This is when you link this new behavior with something you already like—one that will get you super “high” on dopamine.

For example, if you love watching a specific series on Netflix yet also want to exercise more, you can only allow yourself to watch the series when you’re on the treadmill at a certain speed. By linking exercise and Netflix, you can transform something you don’t like into something you actually look forward to doing.

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