This Simple Technique Can Increase Your Productivity by 500%

How Getting Into a State of Flow Will Massively Increase Your Output

Do you remember the last time you were so focused on something that you completely lost track of time? That was badass, right? Well that’s exactly what psychologists refer to as being in a state of flow.

When we find ourselves in this trance, we feel as if the task at hand is nearly effortless.That the challenge at hand is interesting enough to keep our attention, but not so difficult that we feel overwhelmed. And this gives us a sense of comfort and reward.

But one of the raddest things about being in a state of flow is that it increases the sh*t out of our productivity, sometimes by as much as 500 percent! F*CK that's a lot!

So how the hell do you access this sh*t?! It starts with eliminating distractions. There’s no f*cking way you can possibly get into flow if you’re constantly checking social media, your email, or text messages. Matter of fact, research shows that interruptions like these can set us back by up to 20 minutes!

Next, give yourself enough time to complete the task at hand. Plan for at least 90 minutes, if not two hours. And do not give in to the temptation of multitasking. That sh*t will ruin your quality of work across the board and lessen your overall productivity.

Of course, some tasks may be too difficult or miserable to be able to find this flow state. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. You’ve just got to take a different approach. You need to be like a child and use baby steps. For real.

Difficult or sh*tty tasks make us procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow. But procrastination can actually f*ck us up by creating tension in our brain. Because you often can’t stop thinking about the task until it’s done. On top of that, it can even make us feel guilt and shame, which leads to further procrastination. D*MN IT!

But you can kick procrastination’s ass by taking small, simple steps to get sh*t done.

Let’s say you’ve got a big work presentation to prepare that you don’t give a f*ck about. You can just tell yourself that you’re just going to do one slide for now.

But you might find that once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, you end up getting a lot more accomplished. Because getting started is usually the hardest part.

So by breaking sh*tty tasks into bite-sized bits, you’ll become less likely to procrastinate and more likely to get sh*t done.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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