This Simple Mindset to Change Your Entire F*cking Life

How Positive Thinking Will Get You to Your Goals Faster

The f*cking insane power of positivity. So underestimated. You can almost manifest the things you want in life through positive thinking. Because you are able to remain optimistic even in the face of major setbacks. And having this mindset keeps you pumped up as you chase your goals, making you more productive and minimizing the chances of burning out.

But positive thinking doesn’t just affect your mind. It also has the uncanny ability to influence your actions.

Of course, thinking positively is not as simple as it sounds. The human brain naturally gravitates toward negatives, which some neurobiologists and psychologists believe to be an early survival instinct that helped us escape from danger. Luckily, you can actually train your mind to become optimistic by consistently redirecting your attention from negatives to positives. To do this, you need to regularly think about the aspects of your life that you are grateful for, and recognize negative thought patterns and shift your focus.

And once you have created this positive outlook on life, you will start to see opportunities and anticipate good things to come. But the real power lies in what you are able to accomplish when you are driven by optimism.

To turn this positive thinking into action, you’ve got to clearly visualize what you’re working toward. And creating a vision board or mind map is a great way to go about doing this. To build one, first write a detailed description of what you are wanting to achieve. Make it thorough enough that if someone else were to read it, they would be able to easily picture the end goal. Next, bring your vision to life through a collage of pictures or digital imagery that represents your goals. And once you’ve completed this, refer to it any time you need to focus or find inspiration.

The next step is to create action plans for the goals on your vision board. Each action plan should have well-defined milestones, realistic timelines, and measurable steps to get you where you are wanting to go. And if any challenges come to mind, consider how you will overcome them. Finally, be sure to share these goals and plans with trusted friends and family. Because having an emotional support system and good advice will help you on your journey.

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