This Clever Hack Instantly Improves Your Concentration

How Visualization Techniques Can Rapidly Boost Your Memory & Concentration

Most people can’t concentrate on damn near anything these days as technology is quickly turning our brains into a useless pile of mush. But it’s time to fight back.

Concentration is just like your muscles—the more you train it, the stronger it gets.

One quick technique to exercise it is to picture whatever you’re focusing on as a ball of glowing light. If you’re having a conversation, then the person’s face is the glowing ball. When you notice your attention drifting away, just refocus on the bright light—in this case, the person’s face. And pretend that nothing else exists other than this light.

This simple visualization tactic helps increase not only your concentration skills, but also works well when you need to memorize things.

Most people would say they have either a “bad memory” or “good memory.” But you’d be better off considering it as an untrained memory or a trained one. So how can you go about training your memory? The best approach is to learn to associate whatever you have to memorize with visual imagery.

Let’s say you’ve got to memorize an upcoming work presentation. What you can do is identify the main topics you’ll be discussing and then imagine a room or place you know incredibly well. Create an imaginary path through this room and assign each of your talking points to a different object or place in the room. Finally, practice your presentation by using the walkthrough you just created as your guide.

By employing these simple methods, you will be well on your way to a well-trained memory.

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