The Thing You’re Doing Daily That’s F*cking Your Brain

How Technology Overuse Is Rapidly Hindering Our Ability to Learn

This is a topic that will get a lot of people up in arms. On one hand, technology has unquestionably improved our lives, but on the other it’s also quickly destroying our minds.

These devices may seem liberating, and in many ways they are, but the quick and easy ability to outsource some of our brain’s simpler functions is actually quite harmful.

Technology has become increasingly addictive and is explicitly being designed to make us rely on it more and more. And research has shown that it’s f*cking with our cognitive abilities. All of the constant switching between tasks is lowering our attention spans and leaving us stressed out and mentally exhausted.

We have instant access to insane amounts of information at our fingertips. And we’re consuming more information than ever before. But cramming our brains with too much information and too many tasks is actually causing our memory to suffer. Because we no longer have to remember anything. We just trust that our handy friend Google or the notes in our phones will remind of us.

On top of struggling with memory, we are also losing our capacity to think critically. The internet may be full of different opinions and perspectives, but we tend to identify sources we already agree with and use them to reinforce our own opinions. And by accepting others’ ready-made ideas, we are reducing our own ability to problem-solve or use deductive reasoning.

So it’s more important than ever to keep your mental fitness at its peak conditioning. How can you do this? One simple tip is to shut off all of your devices for at least an hour a day. Just use this time to recharge, get creative, and let your mind wander.

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