Stop Doing THIS If You Want to Be Happier Right Now

How Comparing Yourself to Others is F*cking Up Your Happiness

It’s a typical afternoon and you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, seeing your friends celebrating milestones or influencers showing off. You start to wonder, “What the f*ck am I doing with my life? Why aren’t I launching a creative business or at an epic party surrounded by tons of friends?”


This feeling is induced by the pressure of comparison—the sense of angst and insecurity that slaps us in the face when we see others whom seem to have their lives totally figured out. Too often we get sucked into the vortex of comparison—whether it be our looks, our status, our happiness—to the people around us.

And actually succumbing to that pressure will undoubtedly lead to misery. Why? Because when we live in this state, we are in a lose-lose competition trying to outdo other people to feel better about ourselves. But more often than not, this doesn’t lead anyone to getting anywhere that is actually worthwhile.

So you’ve got to stop comparing yourself to others RIGHT F*CKING NOW. How? One way that can help is to focus on your “why.” Why are you starting a business? To show off online? NAH. It’s to provide for yourself/family or to make a different in the world. Why are you hitting the gym? Because you want to be more fit than everyone around you? NAH. It’s to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be. So if you find yourself floating towards the comparison side, remember your “why” to stay focused on your true purpose.

Another way to stop comparing yourself to others is by replacing your jealousy with joy. Any time you find yourself feeling jealous, match that jealous thought with two positive, happy thoughts—either about the object of comparison or about yourself. Instead of wanting to strangle the b*tch with the flat tummy or the assh*le with the ripped abs, flip those thoughts into being impressed by their achievements, while simultaneously loving your own body the way it is. And use their accomplishments as motivation to become a healthier you.

And when you break the habit of constantly comparing yourself to others, you will find a tremendous amount of pressure come off of you. Your life will feel lighter and happier. So get off IG and into your own life. Because you kick ass and don’t need anyone else’s approval.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love,

The Venice Beach Rat