One Strange Method Helping People Make Huge Life Progress

How Using the ABCDE Method Keeps People Focused on Their Priorities to Achieve Success

The biggest step towards success is establishing your priorities and staying focused on them. So how do you go about doing this?

First, you need to consider the consequences of every action you take. People who envision how they will feel in the future are far more likely to make better decisions every single day. Research from Harvard shows that having long-term goals is the highest indicator of social mobility—larger than education level or social background.

And the ABCDE method is an incredibly useful tool for helping you stay focused on your top priorities. With this method, you write your list of tasks and assign a letter from A to E to each of them. The A items being the most important and the E items being the least important.

For example, an A task could be working on your business’ website while an E task could be getting a car wash. So when you’re reviewing your checklist of tasks, focus on accomplishing your A tasks first even though they may be the most challenging.

Accomplishing A tasks is critical to your success, so don’t stop until the work that needs to be done is completed. You have limited willpower, so spend it on the sh*t that matters most!

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