Is Being Selfish as F*ck the Hidden Key to Success?

How Making Yourself Your Top Priority Will Get You the Life You Want

You might think that being a good person is all about pleasing others, but in order to achieve your own life goals, you are going to have to start by taking care of yourself first.

Being selfish means making yourself a priority. And this will lead to a better life for you as well as a better life for those around you. How? By focusing on improving yourself, you’ll actually work on becoming a better friend, parent, caregiver, employee, etc.

Consider this: Your professor comes to class when he is sick as f*ck instead of staying home to rest. His performance as an educator is negatively affected. And, as a result, the students in his class are not going to benefit from him being there as they should. If he would have put his own needs first—by keeping his contagious ass in bed—it would have been better for everyone.

So obviously, taking care of yourself and your own life is crucial. You are unique and so are your desires and goals, so you shouldn’t be trying to live according to someone else’s rules or expectations. That would just be a giant waste of your time and energy—both of which are invaluable. For example, if you took a career path that you were told was best for you—working 80 hours a week and making bank—but you’re not happy, what’s the point?! You are just going to feel stressed, burnt out, and miserable. No amount of money is worth feeling that way all the time.

So stop chasing someone else’s idea of success and ignore the expectations of people around you who disapprove. Because if you ignore your real passions, you’ll never find fulfillment.

Now being selfish does involve balance—as does everything in life. Because if you are physically or mentally unwell, it’s going to be pretty damn hard to achieve your biggest life goals. So you need to focus on your overall wellness by exercising regularly and eating nutritious foods—even if your lazy ass doesn’t like it—and developing a strong support system of friends and family. This means it’s time to ditch anyone bringing you down.

By prioritizing yourself and making sure that your life and wellness are in balance, you’ll be ready to crush it on your journey to a life filled with passion and purpose.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love,

The Venice Beach Rat