If You’re Not Doing This, You’re Going to Be Unhappy

How Self-Compassion Allows Us to Successfully Manage Our Emotions

So many of us envision our emotions, especially painful ones, as some sort of three-headed dragon that’s out there trying to kick our ass. And because of this preconceived notion, we instinctively want to escape as quickly as we can. But the reality is that we need to stop running and start standing our ground. We need to deal with these emotions head on. And the first phase of dealing with your emotions is to simply show up.

So how do you do it? Well, experience shows us that having compassion for ourselves is the best way to deal with negative emotions. Of course it’s not always easy to do, but it is more than worth it. And it starts with recognizing and listening to your emotions.

An exercise that can help you get started is as follows: Imagine yourself being a child again. Visualize the way your life was and the struggles that you endured. Can you feel the compassion for that child? Of course. So now imagine yourself embracing and comforting this child and recognize that your adult self needs that same comfort and love.

To learn how to create this compassion for yourself, you need to take a broader look at who you are. You need to accept yourself the way you are—flaws included—and treat yourself with love and kindness.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your weaknesses. Once you have accepted them, they will begin to fade and you won’t diminish your self-esteem as you once did. By creating this newfound self-love and compassion, you will be well on your way to dealing with negative emotions.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love,

The Venice Beach Rat