You Need to Know This If You Want to Be An Entrepreneur

How Defining Your Lifestyle Goals Will Help You Create A Successful Business

So what’s the first thing every aspiring entrepreneur—myself included—should do before starting their business? Is it getting major funding? Building a sleek website? NAH. It’s actually much deeper than this. We need to look into how our ideas will support our desired lifestyle.

So before turning any idea into a potential business, it’s essential that you make sure the idea is aligned with your values and goals. After all, if you will be putting your time, energy, and money into a project, it better match your personal beliefs and long-term goals. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself incredibly unsatisfied.

If you’re a people person, make sure this is reflected in the social aspect of the business. Focus only on ideas that will allow you to nurture this value.

Now how can you make sure that the decisions about your future business will leave you satisfied? By giving your future self a proper interview for the project/position that you are attempting to create.

In doing so, you’ll find it a lot easier to decide on a business that best suits you. So grab a piece of paper or open your notes app on your phone. Start by identifying the four most important areas of your life. For example, family, business, health, and personal finances.

Next, for each category imagine yourself five years into the future and write down everything that comes to mind. For example, under personal finances you might write, “in five years, my mortgage is paid off and I own another investment property.” During this process, if you start to think that your idea won’t generate enough money to make this scenario realistic, set aside time to improve it right now. That way you can avoid the disappointment of finding this out in five years time.

Now of course this is all easier said than done, but just like everything else it’s all about practice and being consistent. Over time, things will become clearer and easier and your resilience and ability to adapt will increase exponentially. Setbacks will only make your stronger and more successful in the long run.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love,

The Venice Beach Rat