How Social Media is Secretly Making You Miserable.

How Social Media is Ruining Your Life & Ways to Fight Back

It's no secret that the apps on your phone—particularly social media apps—were designed to keep you on them as much as possible. The people who designed these apps have used your psychology and brain chemistry against you to keep you coming back for more and more—even if that's clearly not in your best interest. How? The apps prey on your brain's pleasure chemical "dopamine" to make you physically addicted to the platforms.

Because it's like a casino every time you log in, scroll, and see notifications. Your curiosity and basic human desire for variety keeps you checking, posting, scrolling, watching, commenting, liking, etc. But what are you really gaining from all of this? True connection? Hardly. I would argue that you're—in laymans terms—just looking to get high.

Now you might think that sounds ridiculous, but it's not a conscious decision being made. It's a subconscious command coming from your brain. You see your brain isn't programmed for happiness—it's programmed for survival. And quite frankly, your "old" brain just doesn't give a F*CK what you want out of life. It just wants to get high because that's how it has made humans survive for as long as we have. Humans used to get stoned by simply eating a papaya. But with the exponential advances in technology, our "old" brains haven't had the time to evolve quickly enough.

So now our brains get high on things that have absolutely nothing to do with survival. I mean really, think about how hard it can be to resist junk food, sex, porn, etc. Because these things get your brain stoned as F*CK. So recognize that when you post something on social media, you get high as hell when you get likes, comments, shares, etc.

And because your brain is getting so high so easily, it thinks that whatever you are doing is best for your survival. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. The reality is that you are simply training your brain to want more and more social media and less and less of anything else. Because your brain just won't get as high doing the things that actually bring you joy and satisfaction.

I could go on and on for hours about how bad social media is for your overall happiness and satisfaction, but you probably won't read any more. It's almost a miracle if you made it this far. Just kidding. You're a legend. Anyway, now that you have been reminded of how sh*tty social media is for your brain and for your life, what can you do about it? Ahhh this is going to be fun. And you may not like the solution. But it's quite simple really. GET OFF OF IT.

If you don't use social media to make significant amounts of money for your business, then there is almost no reason to be on it. Truly. Now I'm not saying to go delete everything and tell everyone in your life to f*ck off. I'm just saying that you need to be honest with yourself. Are you going onto the platform with an intention to get you closer to your life goals? If not, then don't go on it. Stop scrolling. You're not going to miss out on anything. Because all you're doing when you scroll is subconsciously telling yourself that other people's lives are more important than yours.

Again, you don't have to delete your IG or FB, but set strict time limits on the apps. And do not allow yourself to go on them if there is no true, meaningful intention. Otherwise, you are just allowing your life to be stolen from you. Slowly and quietly. Every single day. But life is too precious for your time and attention to be taken from you. So make the decision to fight back. Set those time limits. And stick to them. You will feel like you're missing out at first, but in time you'll realize that you were actually missing out on real life every time you were on there.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love,