Easily Conquer Your Fears Using This Weird Method

How Completing A “Disaster Report” Will F*cking Squash Your Fear of Failure

Most people don’t realize this, but the only thing that’s holding them back is themselves. Their fear of failure in any area of their lives is keeping them from achieving their true potential.

Fortunately, these fears are not hardwired into our brains. They have been learned during our lives and, with a little willpower, can be unlearned. And an effective method that you can use to overcome your fears is called the “Disaster Report.”

This method is comprised of the following four steps:

Step 1: Describe your fear as clearly as possible.

Step 2: Determine the worst-case scenario in relation to your fear. Are you refraining from investing in the stock market because you’re afraid of somehow losing all of your money? When you actually confront your fear, you can begin to manage the thoughts and feelings related to it, which will give you a sense of comfort and control over it.

Step 3: Find solutions for the hypothetical worst-case scenarios. For example, let’s say you did invest and somehow lost all of your money. Well, you can always make more money. Get a job and earn it all back. You see, fear often stems from the unwillingness to consider the worst potential outcome. So by confronting it head on, you’ll have a much better handle on the fear itself.

Step 4: Do everything in your power to make sure this disaster scenario doesn’t play out. Not only will you be so occupied making sure it doesn’t happen, you’ll be so busy that you will simply have less time to spend worrying.

Another method you can use to overcome fears is to deal with them as soon as they present themselves.

For example, let’s say your boss is always criticizing you which makes you unhappy at work and afraid of every interaction with your boss. Instead of trying to avoid your boss at all costs, face them head on when they criticize you next. Tell them politely that being spoken to in that way negatively affects your ability to accomplish high-quality work.

You might be surprised at how well they respond. And that things at work will begin to smooth out and you’ll find yourself much happier.

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