Do This To Overcome Life Setbacks With Ease

How Simply Acknowledging Your Internal Limiting Forces Can Help You Overcome Them

Planning for success is obviously a hell of a lot easier than achieving it. Because as your journey continues, you’re bound to encounter all kinds of difficulties and setbacks that you were not able to predict. So how can you overcome these?

Well, first you need to figure out what is actually holding you back from achieving your goals. So many things could be responsible for this—people, lack of resources, or personal weaknesses. The idea here is that anything can hold you back if you LET IT.

But be mindful that blaming external things for failures or shortcomings is definitely one of the biggest things holding people back. When things get tough, stop looking at the external forces and start looking within. If you overlook your internal limiting factors, you will limit your ability to grow and overcome them. Maybe you lack the skillset or experience needed to achieve your goal. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Remember, it’s easy to point at things you’re not responsible for. But that will get you absolutely nowhere. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to do to improve yourself. Just take it one step at a time. Doing so will allow you to progress more steadily with as little stress as possible.

It’s the same as going to the gym. You need to build up your strength. You don’t just hop on a bench press and rep 200kg. But if you train every day with gradual increases in weight, you will build the strength to reach this eventual goal.

So set your standards high and don’t wait for others’ approval or support to get going. Be your own source of motivation; Otherwise, you’ll spend your entire life waiting on others.

How can you do this? Imagine you’ve just found out that you’ve just won an all-expenses paid trip and you fly out tomorrow. What would you do before you go? This is the sh*t that you need to do immediately. And this is how you should approach tasks in your daily life to ensure the right sh*t gets done.

Do this consistently and you’ll be on the fast track to success.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love,