Conquer This One Thing To Find Your Purpose

How Ignoring Distractions Will Help You Lead a More Fulfilling Life

We live in an age of endless distractions and opportunities thanks to the internet. You have the incredible ability to start businesses from your garage and sell products on Etsy. Or you can apply for grad school from the comfort of your own couch. Basically anything that interests you with a small amount of effort and a few clicks of a button.

And this is truly amazing; However, this overwhelming number of opportunities has quickly become one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to living a life of purpose. Because it makes it so much more difficult to make the right decisions.

I mean really, how the hell are you going to decide what to do when you have like 10 million options sitting right in front of you and when there are so many easy, attractive distractions? It’s a luxury, but also complicates things for our minds.

So how do we avoid getting bumped off of our course? You’ve got to start by identifying your most common distractions. The things you can’t seem to resist at the end of an overwhelming day—scrolling through social media in search of entertainment or posting online in an attempt to get easy validation from others in the form of ‘likes.’

The issue with these default distractions is that they lead us to living a passive life. Because the more distracted we are, the more passive and less purposeful we become. So be honest with yourself. And recognize which distractions you fall back on when life gets a little bit tough or when you continue to put off a difficult decision.

The next thing you can do is embrace the ’10-10-10’ rule. Every time you need to make a decision about what you’re going to spend your time on, consider the consequences or your choices ten minutes from now, ten weeks from now, and ten years from now.

Suddenly, you’ll find the short-term distractions much less attractive. Maybe eating that slice of cake will make the next ten minutes feel amazing. But ten weeks from now? Probably not a good habit to create—unless your goal is to feel like sh*t all the time.

So the next time you find yourself wanting to aimlessly scroll Instagram or binge watch Netflix instead of working on something valuable, check yourself. Apply the ’10-10’10’ rule and get your sh*t together. Because when you do, you will see those distractions as your enemies. Things that are holding you back from the amazing, fulfilling life you want and deserve.

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Much Love,

The Venice Beach Rat