I was a free-spirit with tons of energy, but no direction.

an aspiring entrepreneur, yet bouncing from one dead-end job to another.

And deep down I wasn’t happy. But I couldn’t figure out what to do.

On paper my life looked great. I was making good money at a "cool" job teaching people to surf & skate. Free time in the off-season to travel the world. A busy social life. My Instagram was filled with stories of parties and adventure. My friends would tell me I was living the dream, but secretly I thought “if you only knew." I was a perfectionist with overwhelming anxiety and had used food, exercise, and women to distract myself for years.

Nothing could make up for the lack of MEANING in my life.

I spent the last decade trying to make fast money with little effort,

But all i was doing was wasting my time and getting nowhere.


If your life seems badass online but feels like sh*t in the real world, i can help

I’m Will, the Sophisticated Surfer, a confidence coach dedicated to helping people build their self-esteem and confidence with proven strategies that lead to a more rewarding life.

It starts with embracing your individuality, respecting your body, and training your mind so you can thrive.

I would love to guide you to the success you’ve always wanted without having to lose your sh*t in the process.